A hall to honour the ancestors.



Where else but in Bristol? The city of sea and cider. In our flagship chapterhouse you will find our entire range of sacred beverages. Visit, and you too can taste the golden nectar of the ancient gods.

But what good would a pressed pint of the forbidden fruit be without festivities and merriment, music and laughter? Not only do we combine cider with hops, but cider and live music.

Six taps are always pouring the freshest cider and beer. Idunn, Dolores, Freya and a rotating guest cider of high quality. We also serve beer from our friends Wild Beer Co. & Fierce and Noble - and our own lager venerating the beer goddess Sidura - for the sacriligious. 750ml fine ciders are plenty, along with greek wines and spirits and mixers from local and regional craft companies.

You can find the taphouse located on Denmark Street, next to the Bristol Hippodrome. Outside seating is available and you are welcome to bring your own food, and pets, or pets for food, if there's a full moon.


What festivities await us?





4pm - Midnight

Student night, deals on Idunn & Sidura, open-mic night and jam sessions. You don't have to be a student to enjoy the merriment!



4pm - Midnight

Alex Taylor's Taphouse Sessions. Incredible local, up and coming and 'already made it' musicians play weekly at special themed nights. These nights are not ones to miss, you'll see them here first!



2pm - Midnight

Full-Mic Friday. An evening of live music at the tap from 8pm onwards. Fresh local and regional music.



2pm - Midnight

Live @ The Tap Sat. An evening of live music at the tap from 8pm onwards. Fresh local and regional music.

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The taphouse is available to book for events