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09694094 - AWRS: XDAW00000100352. The Loft, Clutton Farm Estate,

Bristol, Somerset, BS39 5QQ. 0800 689 3406 -

6% ABV - Dry - 100% Pressed - October Seasonal


The Morrigan, the fabled celtic goddess of war, fate and the foretelling of doom, death or victory in battle. In legend she is often seen washing the bloodstained clothes of those fated to die and is fabled to take the form of a crow. The modern Irish translation equates to 'Phantom Queen'. The Morrigan is a dry to medium dry traditional cider crafted from two year matured Shepton Mallet bittersweets. This is a full juice content cider, perfect for bars wishing to field a themed offering for the spookiest of seasons.


Price includes VAT. Pump clip included. Cider will keep for 6 months once open, allowing for 'pints on demand' at great value for money. Boxes can be attached to pub handpull lines through the use of a Vitop connector. Boxes are sent via DHL with an estimated 2-3 day delivery from date of purchase.

The Morrigan 36 Pint (20L) Bag in Box