The Beard & Sabre Cider Company - Master Hopped Cidermakers

09694094 - AWRS: XDAW00000100352. The Loft, Clutton Farm Estate,

Bristol, Somerset, BS39 5QQ. 0800 689 3406 -

5% ABV - Medium - 100% Pressed - Traditional


Iðunn, the keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness. Idolised in the Poetic Edda Lokasenna - a pagan era goddess. A smooth drinking medium still cider, low in acidity but with a dry mouthfeel imparted from the pressing of specially chosen British bittersweet cider apples. The true taste of the forbidden fruit and a great all year staple that pairs well with food.


Price includes VAT. Pump clip included. Cider will keep for 6 months once open, allowing for 'pints on demand' at great value for money. Boxes can be attached to pub handpull lines through the use of a Vitop connector. Boxes are sent via DHL with an estimated 2-3 day delivery from date of purchase.

Iðunn 36 Pint (20L) Bag in Box