Congal the Blind

7% ABV - Dry

100% Pressed - Goldings Hopped

Experience cider as you never have before, Congal Caech's sacrifice to the ancestors brings you a 2019 vintage blend of Yarlington Mill, Redstreak and a dash of fermented Jonagold, matured in oak.


This 7.0%, 300 bottle blend is infused with Goldings hop, imparting honey and spice that compliments the cider base, unlocking a clear and symmetrical flavour profile that is inaccesable to ciders produced commercially.


Each bottle is individually batch numbered and sealed with a 29mm crown cap coated in honey-infused wax, our homage to the story of Congal the Blind.


International Cider Challenge Design & Packaging Silver

Available in individual 750ml bottle

Congal the Blind