The Veneration of Goddess Freya

Spring is here! Freyja's time. Regrowth and regeneration is on everyone's mind at present. We are pleased to offer you Freya at cost; our sacrifice to the gods. Enjoy our 24x330ml cases and 20L bag in boxes at a 25% discount during the month of April.

Freya came about as a result of brewer-led feedback, we know our cider through and through - but beer... beer we leave to the disciples of the brewing gods. The brewer's love hops, and nothing short of the finest bittering hops would do.

Unlike our flagship Dolores, Freya is infused with bittering hops opposed to aroma hops. Summit is a high alpha acid hop, very similar to Citra. In cidermaking terms, this cider is a medium-dry, resting between 8 and 12 on the gravity scale, the addition of Summit lowers the perceived gravity dramatically - creating a dry cider, not through statistics, but through the perfect marriage of apple and hop.

Expect lemon, lychee and earthy notes from Freya's beverage. Drink to remember those of the past who are no longer with us.

You can get hold of Freya in 24x330ml case and 20L bag in box from our online store, or our partners Crafty Nectar, CAMRA Brew2U and EeBria. Make sure to leave us feedback on Untappd - we review them all!

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