The Taphouse Sessions

The taphouse is very much on everyone's mind at the moment, and is currently dominating our social media, mostly as it's the next exciting step on the journey to propagate delicious hopped cider. This particular blog post is zeroing in on our new Thursday event, The Taphouse Sessions.

As we are used to hosting great events where we combine up and coming live music acts with ultra-craft drinks unavailable from mainstream formats - we copied the model for the tap. Rather than have standard opening days with scattered events here and there, we wanted each day to be an event! Essentially a roaming festival, with a roof.

Presently the tap is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - at the end of the weekend we have Sunday tabletop, Saturday's we have Live @ The Tap Sat and Friday is for Feasting! In this post we will look at our Thursday "Taphouse Sessions", hosted by Alex Taylor. Here's the interview.

To those who have never been, what are the taphouse sessions?

The Tap House Sessions are a chance for lovers of live music to experience an array of high quality local and touring artists playing their own music, sometimes completely brand new (projects conceived in lockdown, album songs yet to be released etc), with the emphasis on original songwriting.

What gave you the idea of starting the taphouse sessions?

I felt that the centre of Bristol needed a regular weekday night where people could come together and reconnect after such a long time, and I think this is the perfect venue for it and a really beautiful platform for singer-songwriters to show their wares to an attentive, listening crowd.

Who are the sessions targeted towards?

We welcome everyone who loves to listen to music. If you enjoy quality craft drinks, good food and amazing live bands, duos and solo singers, then this is the night for you. The gigs are curated in such a way that you can hear folk music one week and indie pop the next, with a bit of jazzy, rootsy, rocky and alternative live loop pedalling to boot.

What are your plans for the future sessions?

So, to give you an idea of what’s coming up...

We have Goodrich on Thurs 7th Oct, who is a Canadian born singer-songwriter who has previously opened for Amy Winehouse, played bass for Rufus Wainwright, and collaborated with members of Portishead and Massive Attack. He will be bringing his dark, spooky, and timeless music to Beard And Sabre, with songs from his upcoming album ‘Now Is Never’. Not to be missed!!!

The following week (14th Oct) we have Bobby Anderson playing under his new alias ‘Wilderman’

Bobby is the son of Young Disciples singer Carleen Anderson and grandson of James Brown’s right hand man Bobby Byrd. An intrinsic part of the fabric of Bristol's live music scene for 15 years including stints fronting cult band Fortune Drive in the early days and touring with fellow Bristolians IDLES in 2020, he is known for his distinctively raw, soulful vocals.

Last week we had Wilderman’s new label mates Tiny Dyno (Emily Gardiner and Tommy Kuras) who totally brought the house down. In the coming weeks and months a we have lots of other brilliant acts including The Zu Zu Men/Ten Pound Suit Band’s Matt Grinter and his new band ’Rooster Red’, Frome’s finest folkman Al O’Kane and fellow looper ‘She Robot’ - Edgy, raw, beatbox and bass driven sensual sounds, layered to perfection to create a mesmerising performance which is powerful yet ethereal.

Award winning loop artist Suzy Condrad (AKA She Robot) effortlessly juggles instruments and genres with a dynamic and arresting one woman show. Dancehall, ska, doo wop, folk and electro collide with blistering beats and haunting, sublime vocal gymnastics to take you on an ever-looping journey which balances real-time loop juggling against timeless songwriting. Woman meets machine in a musical maelstrom that will make your head spin, your spirit lift and your feet move.

We are hoping to build this night and spread the name of this great new music venue.

Really looking forward to this next run of shows and playing on and on into 2022.

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