The Hopped Cider List 2020

Welcome to Beard & Sabre's Hopped Cider List 2020. Each year we compile a list of the cidermakers that are producing readily available hopped cider. Seasonal ciders are included, provided that they have been produced over their last associated period. For posterity, please inform us if you are aware of a hopped cider that is available but currently not on this list by emailing - this list aims to be exhaustive and is global. Head below the list for the 2020 product gallery.



Angry Orchard - New York U.S (Hop’n Mad Apple)

Anthem Cider – Oregon U.S (Hops)

Aston Manor - Birmingham U.K (Friel’s Hop Infused Vintage Cider)

Ace Cider - California U.S (Hazy Hop)


Beard and Sabre – Bristol U.K (Dolores, Freya)

Bear Cider - The Netherlands (Bear Dry Hopped)

Barbourne Cider – Worcester U.K (Hopped Cider)

BlakStoc - Austria E.U (Wild Tree Hoppy, Quincy Jo & Hops, OMG ugly, Buddah’s Hand)

Bauman’s Cider Company - Oregon U.S (Fresh Hop Citra Cider)

Bluebee Cider - Virginia U.S (Hopsap Shandy)

Bulwark - Nova Scotia Canada (Hopped)

Bold Rock Hard Cider - Virginia U.S (IPA)

Burnt Mills Cider - New Jersey U.S (Hops)


Citizen Cider - Vermont U.S (The Lake Hopper)

Colorado Cider - Colorado U.S (Grass Hop-Ah)

Chain Yard - Nova Scotia Canada (Hopped Up)


Dudda's Tun – Kent U.K (Hop Grenade)

Doc's Draft – New York U.S (Dry Hopped Hard Cider)

Domaine De Laveoi - Montreal Canada (Hugues Pomme et Houblon)


Finn River – Washington U.S (Dry Hopped Cider)


Garden Cider - Surrey U.K (Dry Hopped)

Good George - New Zeland (Drop Hop Cider)

Graft Cidery - New York U.S (Lost Tropic)

Grand Illusion - Pennsylvania U.S (Mystic Pineapple, Street Magic)

Grizzly Ciderworks - Washington U.S (Hopclaw, The Bruin)


Hogan’s Cider - Warwickshire U.K (Hip Hop)


Jack’s Hard Cider - Pennsylvania U.S (Dry Hopped)


Lyme Bay Winery - Devon U.K (Jack Ratt with Hops)

Little Pomona - Hereford U.K (Hard Rain)


Nightingale Cider – Kent U.K (Hoppy Cox)

New Scotland Brewing Co. - Nova Scotia Canada (Britecider)


Oliver’s Cider - Hereford U.K (At The Hop)


Ploughman Cider - Pennsylvania U.S (Lummox)

Pilton Cider - Somerset U.K (Scarlett Sharpe)


Reverend Nat's - Portland U.S (Hallelujah Hopricot)

Ramborn - Born Luxembourg (Cascade Hopped Cider)


Sandford Orchards – Devon U.K (St Louis Dry Hopped)

Square Mile – Portland U.S (Hopped Apple Cider)

Swift Cider - Portland U.S (Pineapple Hop)

Sidra Ribela - Santa Marina de Ribela Spain (Besta)

Spirit Tree - Caledon Canada (Dry Hopped)

Stoked Cider - California U.S (Blue Palm)


Tieton Ciderworks – Washington U.S (Dry Hopped Cider)

Tall Ship Craft Cider - Sandefjord Noway (Hold Fast, Nautical Star, South Seas)


Urban Farm Fermentory - Portland U.S (Hopped Cidah)


Weston’s Cider - Hereford U.K (Pure Hopped)

Wards - Kelwona Canada (Dry Hopped)

Wyndridge - Pennsylvania U.S (Dry Hopped)

Woodchuck Cidery - Vermont U.S (Dry Hop)


Zeffer - Hawke's Bay New Zealand (Hopped up Pippin)


12 Bridge Ciderworks - Portland U.S (Covert Hops)

2 Towns Ciderhouse - Oregon U.S (Hop & Stalk)


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