Great Taste 2020 Success


Judging board notes:

"The nose shows the hopped element nicely offering the aroma of a sour-beer, but in such a way that the apple is still present and showing nicely. Everything about this cider exists in harmony. The acid and tannins are well integrated and the hops really lift and elevate the flavour profile. This is the perfect cider for beer drinkers and would also lend itself very well to food pairings.
With the aroma of hops, this cider has the full flavour of apples with a fresh sweetness that tastes like pure autumn. The hops really give this this an interesting, floral character that make it really extraordinary. The balance of these flavours with the sweetness and acidity has been well judged. This is a really different cider, a cider for beer drinkers, that offers the best of cider drinking with a sophisticated edge. This would also pair really nicely with so many types of food, making it a versatile favourite.
The product of some really brilliant blending, this surprising offering is almost in a category of its own, hovering between beer and cider, and beautifully balanced between the two. The hops add a distinctive and entirely complementary aroma to that of the cider apples, creating intriguing complexity. Beer drinkers might shrug at the sweetness from the added juice, but it undeniably adds desirable balance here - and in any case the tannins ensure the finish is clean and uncloying. Something of an intriguing palate-teaser sipped as is, we can imagine this working wonderfully with a cheese platter."
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