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Drink to honour the cidergods and explore the pinnacle of hopped cidermaking with our exclusive, masterwork blends


What is Beard & Sabre

Blue Label?

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Creating high quality craft cider that also has a wide reach and access to many markets has always been a challenge for the British cidermaker. With large production volumes and contract packaging options it is easy to forget cidermaking roots and heritage. Many may choose to substitute quality ingredients with commercial variants, or cut out a process which was otherwise done by hand. To fight this trend we are launching a limited edition, rotating range of super-premium ciders made by hand, using advanced cidermaking techniques.

The Beard & Sabre Blue Label range is a rotating selection of limited edition, super-premium, 750ml ciders. Each bottle is pressed and packed completely by hand and showcases different styles and techniques. Only 200-300 bottles are produced per variant, with stamped series number and each with a different hop infusion and production method.

Each cider tells a story, tales from history in which characters have honoured or betrayed the cidergods. Once the bottles are sold, they will be no more - but their legacy will remain here for all to see.

Congal Caech, King of the Uliaid.

His Goldings Hopped, Oak Aged Sacrifice

Launch Date: 08/02/2021

Year of Pressing: 2019

Bottles in Series: 300

Hop Infusion: British Goldings Hop

Technique: High ABV Oak Barrel Aged

Tasting Notes: Spice - Honey - Earth - Oak

Statistics: 7.0% ABV, Dry

Packaging: Honey scented wax sealed, 750ml Champagne

Congal Caech.png

Congal's ultimate tribute to the Cidergods was that of his mortal life. Losing his eyesight from a bee sting, Congal demanded that the hive-keeper be killed. The keeper being no other than the Ard Ri, the high king of Ireland. An affront to the earthly heralds of the Cidergods, the humble bee, the Ard Ri took the Ui Neill to war against Congal, and he was slain. Congal's beverage of veneration is a fully pressed, heritage apple blend, matured in oak whiskey barrels. Goldings hops impart spiced honey notes for an exquisite finish.


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