hosting a party, festival or wedding? make it unique with our craft cider bar & events team

Add that special touch to your event by doing away with the standard commercial bar offering and instead providing your guests with access to craft drinks, direct from the producer. Our mobile bar is available to hire, along with our experienced events team.

Beard & Sabre has operated its bar at a variety of third party events, from traditional country weddings, to urban parties. Craft independent cider is incredibly versatile, although we can work with you to serve a bespoke drinks selection to include lager, real ale and soft drinks.

The bar itself has two chilled keg lines to serve either two carbonated ciders or one cider and one lager - and two traditional hand-pulls, for serving 'still' cider and real ale.  We offer a bar-only package at a fixed call-out price and a paid-bar package if you would like to offer your guests drinks free of charge.


Flat fee,

drinks charged at regional average

Bar-only package

Cost includes staffing, setup, cellar gas & travel. Beard & Sabre work with you to create the drinks offering and charge your guests for drinks at the regional average bar price. Two lines will serve Beard & Sabre cider with two lines available for drinks of your choice. Bar-only assumes that you have licenced the event, or that on-sales will be covered by an existing premises licence.


Flat fee,


invoiced at end of event

paid-bar package

Cost includes staffing, setup, cellar gas, licencing & travel. Beard & Sabre explore drinks options with you and volumes required based on your guest list. Drinks will be free of charge at the bar and the kegs/cases/casks purchased for the event will be invoiced to you after the event concludes, any leftover stock becomes your property. We handle all licencing if required.

Our bars are manned by a minimum of two staff, with more based on the estimated number of guests. Card payments can be taken in the bar-only package. All staff hold valid personal licences and operate a challenge 21 policy. Our bars must be booked a minimum of two weeks prior to the event, provided that there is availability, and four weeks prior to the event if licencing is required. If you are unsure about alcohol licencing please contact us for advice.

To book our bar, or explore the options, contact us at: