Tell me, shaman,
speak to me of...



Rediscovered in the modern era at the shores of the Pacific North West USA, were the long forgotten and dark arts of applying brewers hops to cider, in order to speak to the cider gods of old.

Now, after returning across the salt seas with knowledge that makes both brewer and cidermaker shudder with fear, Beard & Sabre have brought hopped cidermaking back to cider's ancestral homeland - Britain.

Whilst many secret infusions remain to be discovered, there has been much success in conversing with the vengeful goddess Dolores, by a secret bitter-sweet infusion of the hop cascade, and the renown Freya, who reveals herself only to a Celia hop infusion; and dare we forget, the queen of them all, Idunn - the goddess of apples, who requires not a single hop to hear her word.

We pray that you join us in our journey, for there are many more goddesses to contact, and beverages to taste, none of the like that have ever been experienced before!

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A beverage with such vigour?



It takes both skill and patience to craft a beverage that is of such a sublime quality that will attract the attention of the cidergods themselves.

Beard & Sabre have been pressing since 2015, initially on a rack and cloth press, and advancing onto a belt press as their disciples grew in number.

In the present day, our apples are collected from the cidermaking heartland of Somerset - Shepton Mallet and it's surrounds. There they are pressed and matured for between 1 and 2 years, undergoing malolactic fermentation in order to provide a smooth, low acid base ready for hopping.

The fermented and matured cider finds its way to Bristol where it is infused with the hops of the corresponding goddess, in a quantity and for a duration which is only known to the hopmasters and their hopmasters before them.

Only after the sacred rites are performed is it released for sale.