The Beard & Sabre Cider Company - Master Hopped Cidermakers

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Our Mission

At Beard & Sabre we are the champions of hopped cider, venerating our cidermaking ancestors we press only fresh, 100% traditional cider varieties grown on our Shepton Mallet Orchard and combine them with British hops to craft incredible, unique drinks fermented with natural yeasts. We even re-introduce apple juice into the two year matured blends to add body, flavour and soul. Our mission is the revolution, and the revolution is the marrying of tradition to vision. Join us as we move forward, without forgetting where we came from.


Select vintage apple varieties, grown

on heritage orchards, harvested at

peak ripeness, traditionally pressed and

matured over a minimum period of two years.

Incredible Apples

Sabre Hops.jpg

Infused with specific British hop varieties for imparted natural flavour that compliments the tannic nature of the chosen apple blend. Huge in the states, it's time hopped cider hit home.

Hand Picked Hops


Craft Cider; a gift from the gods. Unlike concentrate ciders, real ciders taste varies from year to year depending on the strength of the Summer. Ultimately, in the gods we trust.

Blessings from the Gods

The Pantheon

In a world before civilized man, roamed omnipotent

deities of every trade imaginable.


Lost now, to time, to history;

No longer are these ancestors venerated, just

memories, paintings, stories.

Some say, if you stand alone in an ancient orchard

on the night of the wassail, you can see them

move between the trees - conversing in 

a dialect unknown.